Really Simple. Really Convenient.

“The Basics was conceptualized by my own need to be able to get the staples I need to complete whatever task necessary in my kitchen without stopping my cooking or my visit with family or friends. I also know what its like to need home cooked meals for my family. Our Comfort Foods Homecooking Catering delivers meals ready to eat for the week and cooked to order just the way you’d make it for your family.”

Rosalyn Peterson, Owner
  • Have you every gotten home from a long grocery run and forgot the eggs or milk?
  • Have you ever started a baking project and realized you didn’t have enough sugar, flour or vanilla extract?
  • Do you have a little one sick at home and need infant Tylenol, Pedialyte or diapers?
  • Are you a college student that needs the extra basics to keep going with your studies and busy schedule?
  • Need dinner for the next week because your schedule is booked?


This gives you an idea of why we are here to help you NOW, fresh from Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, Price Chopper, or Alibis in the next hour.