Featured Meal Of The Week

Hello Food Lovers!

This week we are celebrating Polish Week with a Polish favorite, Golabki! This tasty Comfort Food is made with ground beef, pork, and rice wrapped in cabbage, topped with tomatoes and onions. Yummy right? This dish is often served during the Christmas season and on festive occasions such as weddings and are a featured dish for family reunions amongst Polish Americans. Have a taste of traditional Polish eats this week or just try something new.

When you order 4 meals for $50, you can get 8 packed pigs in a blanket this week only! Don’t miss out!


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Featured Meal of the Week

We’ve got something very special in honor of Greek Week!

Since the Greek Festival was this past weekend, we decided to complement these type of festivals this summer and celebrate with you! This week is Greek Week at The Basics & Comfort Foods and we have an awesome treat for you. With every Comfort Foods Homecooking Catering order this week we’ll be giving a FREE large appetizer of Greek tzatziki, pita bread, and meatballs.

If you haven’t had Tzatziki you’re missing a heavenly snack. Its healthy, filling and melts your savory  taste buds. Greek yogurt and herbs are the perfect creamy addition to pita bread (or vegetables which are my personal favorite but in no way Greek lol) .

                                                      And the meatballs you have to taste. You’ve gotta try it!!

                                                      This is just this week, so don’t miss out!    

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Featured Meal Of The Week

This week’s Featured Meal is Nana’s Sauce and Meatballs!

Rosalyn, the owner of The Basics & Comfort Foods would like to share a special story behind our Featured Meal!

“When I met my husband in college and he found out I came from a Sicilian family he automatically told me how he loved Italian food and Lasagna was his favorite! Unfortunate for me his first question was “do you know how to make sauce and meatballs?!!” Of course I had an idea but could I actually cook? It was a big jump since I’d never really cooked a dish on my own before. But for some reason, without thinking, I immediately said, “Yeah!”. Then it was out there and I couldn’t take it back, my pride was on the line. I’m always up for a challenge but this one was a tough one.

Growing up, my whole family (nuclear and extended) ate together at Nana’s house every night so my mom didn’t cook very often unless it was for a holiday. To my disadvantage this meant I didn’t really have direct contact with cooking on a regular basis. To me, looking back I think, I grew up working in my Aunt’s restaurants from the time I was 12 years old washing dishes all the way up through waitressing and working large events. All the women in my family are amazing cooks and how I didn’t have more direct access to learning how to cook really baffled me. With this thought in mind, I picked up the phone and called my mother to yell at her for not teaching me how to cook, which I did very quickly because there was no time. With very little practice, I had to figure out how to make my grandmother’s amazing sauce and meatballs that she had perfected over 80 years. So then I called Nana and asked her for the recipe to which she replied, “I don’t have a recipe”….ugh. I told her she had to help me out and so we went step by step with her throw a little of this and a little of that type recipe written down.

I tried this piecemeal recipe once immediately after that and it was barely edible. With only one day before I said I would cook for my date I just went for it with my best intentions and to my surprise he really liked and said,”now can you make lasagna?” And like a fool I, AGAIN, immediately said, “Yeah!”. Really? So again I found myself calling Nana and saying, “ok, now you have to teach me how to make Lasagna” to which she laughed and laughed. I’m so glad I could amuse her!

So, 20 years later I’ve made Nana’s recipe my own (I’m sure everyone in my family has since we trash talk each other about how well we can make it). She had 3 secrets to her recipe and I’ll give you one! Only put enough bread crumbs in the meatballs for them to barely stay together! I think about that every time I make them.”

Nana’s Sauce and Meatballs is a dish that holds a place in her heart and now she’s sharing it with you! Have a little touch of family when you eat your very own Sauce and Meatballs.

Featured Meal Of The Week

  This week’s Featured Meal:

  No one likes to have to go home after a long day and cook for everyone! We want you to relax.

Order a dozen delicious Stuffed Shells made with ricotta, mozzarella, and Italian seasoning for instant meals when you get home! Don’t worry about the hassle or the mess, we’ve got you covered.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  To make your week even better, this awesome meal includes a healthy salad and garlic bread!

Not enough? Complete your meal when you add Nana’s sauce and Meatballs or make this one of your 4 meals for $50!

Your food will be hand delivered and ready to heat, serve, and make the whole family smile.

Mmmm yummy, how could you not get hungry just thinking about it?