Featured Meal of the Week

We’ve got something very special in honor of Greek Week!

Since the Greek Festival was this past weekend, we decided to complement these type of festivals this summer and celebrate with you! This week is Greek Week at The Basics & Comfort Foods and we have an awesome treat for you. With every Comfort Foods Homecooking Catering order this week we’ll be giving a FREE large appetizer of Greek tzatziki, pita bread, and meatballs.

If you haven’t had Tzatziki you’re missing a heavenly snack. Its healthy, filling and melts your savory  taste buds. Greek yogurt and herbs are the perfect creamy addition to pita bread (or vegetables which are my personal favorite but in no way Greek lol) .

                                                      And the meatballs you have to taste. You’ve gotta try it!!

                                                      This is just this week, so don’t miss out!    

                                                                        With Love,




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