New Grocery Service Delivers ‘The Basics’

launched just a few weeks ago. As Alexa Green explains, it’s an easy and convenient alternative to heading to the store.

SYRACUSE N.Y. — It’s a scenario many have been in: Coming from the grocery store only to realize you forgot an item on the list.

“You know you’re in the middle of baking and I forgot the vanilla, or the flour, or you have people at your house and you forgot coffee or creamer, or orange juice, or whatever and you need someone to just bring it to you,” said Rosalyn Peterson.

But a new service, The Basics, is here to help by focuses on delivering food staples such as milk or eggs straight to your door — all in less than an hour.

“I just wanted to do something simple, not complicated or too large to understand, something very simple to understand. You can get the basic things you need. If you need them in a pinch or you just don’t feel like going out, and they’re there lipitor medicine. And you get them within the hour you don’t have to worry about it,” said Peterson, the company’s founder.

The service doesn’t charge for delivery, but does mark up. It is currently available in the city of Syracuse and some surrounding suburbs. College care packages are another option — they can be delivered to Syracuse University of Le Moyne students.

“Who doesn’t want to receive a care package at school? Even if I could have ordered it for myself and have a pretty care package of stuff that I needed? I would have loved that,” said Peterson.

Currently there are about 50-60 items available on The Basics service, but Peterson says that list is going to grow over the next few weeks.

If you would like to learn more about the grocery service, click here.


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