Meet Chef Anthony Ingram

The Basics & Comfort Foods is proud to announce the joining of well-known and respected local chef, Anthony Ingram, to our team! We are excited to have Chef Ingram part of our leadership team in an effort to elevate and grow our catering menu.

Through our employee recruitment, we encountered one of the most well-rounded, knowledgeable, and experienced local chefs. Chef Ingram not only embodies the same standards and vision of The Basics & Comfort Foods, but also shares the enthusiasm in expanding our catering department. We proudly serve our community through our commitment to offer fresh, unprocessed, and made to order meals; the cornerstone of our business.

Chef Ingram, trained in French Culinary, offers a wide range of expertise from French to Mediterranean cuisine. You may have enjoyed one of Chef Ingram’s dishes at local hot spots, including: Tully’s, The OnCenter, Cornell University, Lakeshore Yacht Club, Chophouse, Holiday Inn, The Marriott, Creole Soule, and more!


In His Own Words:

“My culinary career started back in 1983 in a small town Henrietta New York as a dishwasher. I didn’t know but it was start of a long hard working career. There were many turns and bumps from there as I learned how to do flat top work, make Gyros, tzatziki, and many other dishes. My boss was hard chef  to work under, but I learned a lot from him. From there I worked in several restaurants all along the way getting my certificate in Culinary Arts, baking, and pastry from Boces in Fairport, New York. I was solely schooled in French Culinary learning how to make what separates his school of learning from others such as a  true French omelette and different pastries.
My big chance is what I got hired at the Holiday Inn at the age of 16, first doing nothing but food prep work for banquets then eventually moving up to being Head Banquet Cook remembering one thing from a Mentor that Banquets are all numbers. This taught me the business side of cooking, ordering, staffing.   At the same time, I worked at the Marriott which some considered a conflict. But I was always hungry to learn more and took the opportunity to do so whenever it presented itself. I eventually worked in other restaurants ranging from Mediterranean to Italian. After graduating high school I had a short stint in college. I could keep on going, but my basic learning came from Cornell University where I was a line cook,  then becoming House Chef for several fraternities where I got to work with some of the best chefs in New York State. I learned a lot from the Executive Chef, Jerry Bolton at the Oncenter where he mentored me for 3 years.
At this point in my life, I can never see myself doing anything else and it all started as a little kid from my Mother, my Father, and my Brother Carl. He, being a cook in the military was a major inspiration for my path I took in my professional career.
This long road has now brought me to being Head Chef at ‘The Basics & Comfort Foods’. This is the beginning of a career move that will allow me major opportunities to develop my culinary skills and grow as a chef. I want to continue my education in learning how to show the world how the beauty of Culinary can change the world. I’m proud of my path and moving forward here will allow a lasting legacy of passion, hard work and determination for my children. Moving to Syracuse was the best thing I’ve ever done! I am now married to Renee and we have a handsome son named Felix who has been added to my beautiful blended family of 5 boys and 4 girls total.
P.S. Thank you Jeane and Rosina [my sisters], for always backing me up and being there no matter what.”

Thanks for your support as always!

With Love,

Rosalyn J. Peterson



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